Episode 71: As another year comes to an end
Episode 71: As another year comes to an end

Episode 71: As another year comes to an end

DISCLAIMER: There was a mic issue, that I realized a little too late during production. I apologize for the less than ideal audio quality. I toyed with the idea of re-recording but felt the authenticity of the message would've been lost

This episode offers some great tips on purposeful reflection and forward planning. While, most of us focus on these at the end of the year we really should be doing this on a more consistent basis.

So, in this podcast episode I give you the blueprint to jumpstart a new level of your life and reiterate the importance of putting self first. I know it’s easier said than done, but if we deliberately make time to listen to ourselves and to prioritize our needs (and those wants too) then we will be leading more fulfilling lives. Putting self first doesn’t only mean we show up for ourselves in new ways, but also for all those around us.

I share some pretty personal stories of my own struggles to find my voice, and to use it to really say how I feel. In this society, especially as a young woman, it can be difficult to find your feet. To find that solid place of confidence on which you can springboard your feelings and opinions. It is difficult but it is not impossible. Listen to this episode to hear how prioritizing self, and finding and using my voice has changed my life. Share with a friend and leave a commenr!

SPOILER ALERT: Even the uncomfortable moments were worth it


For context this episode was recorded at the end of 2021, during the Coronavirus pandemic

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