Episode 68: Weight vs Wellness with Jonathan McLernon

This episode is everything you didn’t know you needed to hear in this moment. It was like a subtle, yet firm wake-up call. In this chat with Jon about weight and overall wellness, we hit so many topics and uncovered that our relationship with food, and even exercise comes from places much deeper than we initially thought.

Jonathan McLernon is now an Emotional Eating Coach. He’s previously held positions as a Nano-technology Researcher, Marine Engineer for the Navy, he’s taught English across the world and even used to run a nutrition and supplement store. With this vast range of experience you can only imagine the magic that came from the conversation we had. Click below to listen.

Hear why: diets don’t work, why we need to feel the emotions (even the sad ones), why we need to find the root causes, why we should work towards compassion and integrity at all times, and why scheduling sometimes equals freedom.

Most of the conversations we’ve seen/been apart of about body image and weight loss have been centered around women. Jon talks about his journey to losing over 100 pounds, getting a new lease on life, and becoming almost a whole new person. 


  • 04:20 : Manage your media consumption
  • 07:47 : Diet culture vs informed eating
  • 10:11 : Why dieting doesn’t work
  • 11:36 : How food can mask the real problems
  • 13:25 : “It’s not really about the food”
  • 13:51 : Value-centered living
  • 14:37 : Wellness is way more than weight loss
  • 18:19 : What happens when we depend on food for emotional support
  • 19:19 : “Be willing to be uncomfortable”
  • 20:23 : The biggest key to living well
  • 22:14 : “Weight loss is just the doorway”
  • 24:23: Thoughtful time management and investing in yourself first
  • 30:33 : How Jon has been able to reduce his anxiety episodes
  • 33:48 : What is the alternative to “toxic masculinity”

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