How to be the best version of you this summer

Summer is just a few months long, but that doesn’t stop us from looking forward to it with heightened anticipation as soon as the last snowflake hits the ground…and for those in more tropical countries, even though it’s warm all year ‘round summer just feels different (“summer jus’ slap different”). Whenever I think of summer I think of sunny days, smiles and just overall bliss. Is it just me?

Summer just feels like perfection! It might be because I grew up in Jamaica, or maybe it’s because summer was the only time we went on family vacation. Whatever it is, there’s just something about summer that does it for me every year. Comment below and let me know which season is your favourite (…and why it’s summer 😆).

Summer = vacation

Most people take their vacations in the summer, but it is also a time to take a vacation from yourself…from the usual rigid and inflexible demeanour we may have (especially towards certain tasks). The first time I ever went zip-lining was in the summer, if you had caught me at any other time my response would have been a healthy “hell no”.


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I know you know what I mean. Summer just feels more carefree. You just feel like you can let loose a bit, take a bit more risks and if you make a mistake (depending on its severity) it doesn’t seem as  detrimental, plus you have enough time before winter to get it together.

What does it mean to “take a vacation from yourself”? 

Now, let’s go back to taking a vacation from yourself. We work so hard to be better, make more money and achieve goals all year – whether we have our own business or a day job, or a side hustle – we are always on the go. But, summer should be that time for you to slow down a bit and focus on improving you, by relaxing, having some fun and letting loose! 

To clarify, summer should not be the ONLY time that you focus on fun, taking it slower, or self-care, however it should be a reminder that holistic development is the goal. Taking care of your whole self and opening up yourself to new experiences. Summer presents unique opportunities to do things you don’t normally do, and sometimes you can even do them for free, like volunteer at a music festival.


Enjoy the joy of simply being

It’s time for a semi-annual reset

A few ways to be the best you this summer:

  1. It is usually warmer in the summer time (even in tropical climates), so this means you can play around with your wardrobe a bit more with styles you’ve always wanted to try. Summer is the time to elevate your style and play around with options.
  2. There are always so many activities in the summer-time. Make a list of the events you want to attend and get your summer schedule on! The commitment to these summer dates will flow over into other seasons – which means you’ll be more focused on self-care, taking breaks and going out.
  3. Try something different with your hair. A new cut. A new style. After all it’s summer!
  4. Promise yourself to try something you’ve never tried before.
  5. Challenge yourself to do something you fear.
  6. Read a few books! Summer is a great time to level up your reading game. Here are a few suggestions

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