Episode 15: Dating in the 21st Century: Open mind, open heart, open relationship?

 “No relationship is going to come between me and me knowing myself and developing myself” 

How do you define “relationship”? How should a relationship serve you? 

Most times we believe a relationship should look a certain way and each party needs to have certain roles but we’ve largely adopted these standards from society. What would happen if we created our own? That’s what my next guest on the podcast, Chereese, is encouraging us to do. 

Nothing in life is perfect, so we can’t expect a perfect relationship. Relationships are messy and weird and complicated. But, if both parties are on the same page with the definition of a relationship…then it just works. 

Listen to this interview about Chereese’s path away from what was considered normal to creating a new normal and finding bliss in the mix. Some great things we spoke about (besides the whole interview lol) : 

  • maintaining individuality in a relationship
  • your relationship doesn’t have to look like anybody else’s
  • does your relationship need to be validated? (by marriage, by others?)

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