Episode 12: Dating in the 21st Century: A Trans, Poly, Queer Perspective

We’ve all read/ heard that it is a very difficult time for Millennials to find suitable partners right now.  But does this ring true for everyone? Most times when we have conversations about relationships we limit it to heterosexual, monogamous relations. 

But, I endeavour to always have a range of perspectives at the table (or over the microphone) at all times so we can  get a true sense of reality. So, for this episode I spoke with someone who expands what we may conceive as reality. In this candid chat, we talk about general issues with the Millennial generation and his experiences with dating in a heteronormative society.  

..and it so happens to be PRIDE month. May we all elevate our concepts of reality and remember that #lovewins (once we can find it). 

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