Episode 3: Take the $100 Challenge
Episode 3: Take the $100 Challenge

Episode 3: Take the $100 Challenge

At the beginning of this episode, things get a little personal. In an attempt to be more meaningful in all communication and to have the Grownup Millennial be a space that pits self-care first, the podcast has a new addition. Four questions that will be asked at the very beginning (whether there are guests or it’s just a solo-cast). These questions are also for you (yes, YOU!) so you can check-in with yourself at the beginning of every episode.

– How are you feeling today?

– What are you thankful for today?

– What is your favourite quote right now?

– Which song is on repeat on your playlist?

Now, we are all trying to be better at managing our resources: especially money! Feedback from our very first #FeelingsFriday (on Instagram) revealed that quite a bit of us want to take steps to being financially responsible. This challenge is a simple, fun way for us to take charge of our finances so we can balance our bank accounts to balance our lives. 

Will you take the challenge?

During this episode I made references to the following:

Happy Listening !

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