Episode 1: Now what?

As Millennials, we are always bombarded with what to do next…in this episode I talk candidly about some personal issues that led me to finding ways to use my deficit for a surplus; and to ultimately overcome the continuous questioning of “now what”?

I’m not sure if it’s a Caribbean thing, but I felt a lot of pressure to be moving along to the next thing all the time. As you’ll hear I lucked out and got a pretty decent job just after completing my master’s degree, and my father was still asking me what was next. I was out here thinking I zeroed the game and beat the boss and daddy was like nah.

Our lives are a series of next steps: you leave school, what’s next? More often than not its a job, and then what’s next? Some of us might feel the pressure of not just moving to a better paying job but to settle down with a partner and perhaps even start a family. What we need to mindful of though is who is the source of this voice at the back of our head telling us that we need to be moving on to the “next”. Life will continue if we choose to stay just right here for a while. We have the ability to choose what’s next. We have the ability to choose how we answer the question – now what?

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