Episode 24: Is there a sex recession? with Patrice
Episode 24: Is there a sex recession? with Patrice

Episode 24: Is there a sex recession? with Patrice

Sex… a topic that is taboo for many, especially when you’re growing up in the Caribbean.

How have our preconceptions about sex and our education or miseducation in our teen years affected our current ideas of sex? My guest (and dear friend), Patrice and I talk about her own evolution of the definition of sex, and how it factors into marriage and the church.

If you do a quick Google search for millennials and sex the first articles you will find all state the same thing – millennials are having less sex than any other generation. In a more connected world, have we become more disconnected with each other? How are we defining sex? Are these relations being mediated by digital tools?

FULL TITLE: Is there a sex recession among Millennials? : Getting it on in a digital world

Patrice and I talk about it all (or almost all, we only had about 30 minutes guys!). Listen to this episode and let us know what you think in the comments section :).


  1. Toya

    It’s quite ironic that in a society so entrenched in sex, the music, the culture, that sex is a taboo topic. The misinformation kids get when we as parents allow society to "educate" them on topics such as sex is detrimental to their development. I never had that "talk" with my parents and the lessons I’ve learned through my misconceptions about sexuality, intimacy, function/dysfunction, in my opinion could have been avoided. Sex is not dirty and is not only for procreation but is a beautiful expression of love designed to be shared with that one significant other. A sacred place of communion of body, soul and spirit ordained by God in the safety of marriage.
    Lovely topic discussed here, we need to continue this discussion!

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