Episode 33: How to make and keep friends with Hope Kelaher

If we’re being honest, our friend pool has gotten smaller in the last few years. In this conversation with Hope, a New York-based therapist with extensive training in relational therapy, and I look at why we’re not making friends and how we can change that. 

DISCLAIMER: There are a few audio dips due to some issues during conversion, hence the quality of the audio is not the best in the first few minutes of the interview. 

We spoke about:

  • The similarities between making friends and dating
  • The science behind friendships
  • How friends can literally be saving our lives
  • What family relationships say about our friendships
  • Instagram friends vs Friends in real life, and the role social media plays in friendships
  • Mindfulness in relationships

We both shared personal stories of our own experiences with making…and keeping friends and spoke about how a mindset shift can also affect relationships.


  • 35:00 – How to Make Friends
  • 37:00 – A challenge to Millennials 

Working on our friendships, generally mean working on ourselves first and that’s what Hope emphasizes in her book: “Here to Make Friends: How to Make Friends as an Adult

For context this was recorded during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

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