Episode 89: Okay, but where is the ambition?
Episode 89: Okay, but where is the ambition?

Episode 89: Okay, but where is the ambition?

We are experiencing life in dog years. The intensity of these years – astronomical

-Nicolette Richardson

Blurb for website: This was not a scripted episode. For a few months I have been worried about my ambition or “lack thereof”. Every few years or so I would feel some kind of pang (I don’t know how else to describe it) that would signal to me that it was time to level up. This usually meant career-wise. So it was either time to move on to another company, strategize a move to another industry or take on more challenging projects.

At the point of recording this, I should’ve already done this assessment – based on the precedence set years ago. However, I just feel likeI don’t want to work.Not in the sense that I want to sit at home and do nothing (which would kinda be great to be honest lol), but that I am no longer interested in chasing corporate goals. I am more interested at this point in personal development – in the pursuit of happiness

This would probably mean that my ambitions would shift, and maybe that’s why I am feeling like I am lacking ambition? How about you, what have you been feeling recently? Do you feel as driven as when you were just entering the world of work?

In this podcast episode we go through why you may be lacking ambition; find out if you’re really lacking ambition or If your priorities have changed; what to do if you think you need an ambition boost; and why it was never about ambition at all. Also in this episode:

  • The age you’re at your happiest and least happiest (saddest)
  • What’s missing from the work/life equation
  • Why it’s called a midlife crisis
  • What happens when our priorities change

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Maybe our ambitions aren’t waning, maybe our definition of success is changing

Nicolette Richardson

Skip Ahead:
  • 02:40 : The anatomy of your “drive”
  • 07:35 : Why you’re never excited to return to work after a vacation
  • 08:53 : The 40 hour work week
  • 11:02 : Okay, but where is the ambition? / I don’t want to work
  • 13:18 : We’re aging in dog years
  • 14:16 : What is ambition?
  • 15:27 : is it really about ambition?
  • 17:50 : Losing ambition might be more common than you think
  • 21:51 : Do we just care less about work?
  • 24:28 : It’s called the U-Bend
  • 31:22 : Kickstart your ambition
  • 32:44 : What would you want your legacy to be?
  • 33:41 : Finding the way back to you
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