Episode 88: The Purpose of Life with Michael Glauser
Episode 88: The Purpose of Life with Michael Glauser

Episode 88: The Purpose of Life with Michael Glauser

…not being self-centered, but “other-centered”

Michael Glauser

This episode calls you to question how you define happiness and self-care. It also answers – in detail – the age old question : “can money buy happiness”?

Michael Glauser is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and university professor. He has worked with hundreds of businesses—from startups to multinational enterprises. He is also the author of “One People One Planet: Six Universal Truths foe Being Happy Together”. What Michael. calls “an epidemic of despair” has been wreaking havoc among Millennials and Gen Z-ers, which not only affects their productivity at work; but also impacts their overall quality of life.

In this 30-minute conversation we chat about how a businessman came to write a book about happiness; the key(s) to happiness and ultimately the purpose of life. Michael shows us how being of service to others directly impacts our own success and development. Mike outlines practical skills for surviving and thriving on Earth; and encourages us to embrace the hardship. Listen to the episode, share with a friend and leave a comment!

Once we’ve reached a certain level of sustainability, to keep adding more money to that doesn’t change our frame of min

Michael Glauser

Skip Ahead:
  • 02:37 : Does money buy happiness?
  • 06:31 : The real reason you aren’t happy
  • 09:25 : What it means to view the world horizontally
  • 12:27 : This will improve all your relationships
  • 13:42 : The purpose of life*
  • 16:38 : Viewing the world horizontally
  • 19:19 : Why is It so hard to forgive?
  • 22:50 : Thought therapy, talk therapy and action therapy
  • 32:12 : The key(s) to happiness

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