Episode 87: Why we need to talk more
Episode 87: Why we need to talk more

Episode 87: Why we need to talk more

Photo by Mauro Lima on Unsplash

Communication is the basis of humanity

Nicolette Richardson

We’ve all heard some variation of “we’re more connected than ever, but also more disconnected”. From that phrase you would think we’re not talking at all, but we are …

kind of.

I, like you, am in my meme-sending era at the moment because somehow reality is a little too real and sending a funny video or photo is really me opting to laugh and not cry. In all honesty, it’s probably not that dire but we are sending a lot more images than actual typed words. And that’s okay, until it’s not. We’re losing a critical piece of communication by shying away from those deep conversations – we are missing connection. The kind of connection that makes you know you’re seen, heard and loved. The kind of connection that allows you to see the other side of the storm. The kind of connection that lets you know you’re not alone.

This episode is all about how we should be more intentional about our communication and in turn in our friendships. You’ll learn that the quality of your communication is directly proportional to your friends (and I mean your core friends here, not acquaintances).

Every relationship, every opportunity is based on communication

Nicolette Richardson

Skip Ahead:
  • 02:00 : This is probably the most embarrassing and without doubt the weirdest thing I’ve shared lol 
  • 03:22 : The impact of sharing your “little” story
  • 07:15 : The “okay plateau” and relationships
  • 10:14 : Defining communication
  • 12:58 : Navigating those tough family relationships / you choose what to share
  • 15:38 : Viewing the world horizontally
  • 19:26 : But, are you really listening?
  • 26:24 : Communication is also about collaboration
  • 29:23 : *Trigger warning* – self harm
  • 30:20 : *End of trigger warning* – self harm
  • 30:38 : Are we avoiding “deep conversation”?
  • 36:24 : Finding your people
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