Episode 86: Everybody is creative with Joey Cofone
Episode 86: Everybody is creative with Joey Cofone

Episode 86: Everybody is creative with Joey Cofone

In its most simple form, creativity is just the practice of ideas. Everybody has ideas, therefore everyone can cultivate their creativity

Joey Cofone

This episode is just what you need to jumpstart your winning mindset. Chatting with Joey felt like talking with an old friend. He introduced some new concepts and presented some old concepts in new ways. In his one sentence introduction, he helps people turn their ideas into reality. He is the founder/CEO of Baronfig and the author of The Laws of Creativity.

He is a book lover who studied literature, and then went to art school. Not a typical path, but we chat about this decision, his journey through entrepreneurship, how we lose our creativity as we age and how we can reclaim it. We also bond over why one of our favourite places is the bathroom and the best books we’ve read. We chat about quality practice and what it really means to focus. So many obvious yet not so obvious tips in this episode!

I guarantee that you will see things a little bit differently after listening to this discussion. Share it with a friend and let us know your favourite quote in the comments.

Intuition is the residue of knowledge, it’s what we know

Joey Cofone

Skip Ahead:
  • 04:30 : Elevator pitch
  • 05:32 : A patent for that?
  • 07:03 : Best book you’ve read recently
  • 09:20 : The bathroom – the greatest room of all time
  • 12:44 : This sounds like a movie but this is the story of how he went back to school
  • 14:06 : Welcoming failure and dealing with loss
  • 17:51 : Creativity simplified
  • 18:30 : The most surprising statistic you’ll ever hear 
  • 21:23 : There is no box
  • 24:25 : Biggest lessons so far
  • 30:13 : What is quality practice
  • 33:22 : Meditation and connecting to the moment

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