Episode 85: The evolution of work with Brent
Episode 85: The evolution of work with Brent

Episode 85: The evolution of work with Brent

I place more emphasis on time value. So, what is my time worth and how am I using my time to get the most out of it


What does work mean to you?

For many of us it’s just a means to an end, but how has work affected us. If you’re a Millennial born at least in the early 90’s you’ve probably been working for about a decade (at the point that we’re recording this). How has work affected you? How has your relationship to work changed? Has your work ethic changed? This is what we explore in this podcast episode.

My special guest and I discuss how we’ve changed since our very first jobs until now and how our thoughts about compensation have changed. How do you view your salary? Is it money in exchange for your time? Or is it a sum you’ve negotiated based on your experience? Or maybe it’s something else…listen to this episode and leave your comments below about how your work has changed and how work has changed you.

I also chat about what happened when I was “let go” and what it looked for me to bounce back. We talk about the necessary struggles that led to his career successes, the value (actual and perceived) of a post-graduate degree, whether compensation is tied to years of experience, and his biggest mindset shifts.

The biggest shift for me, is that I’ve realized that you don’t have to say yes to everything

Nicolette Richardson

Skip Ahead:
  • 03:11 : First ever job experience vs first job after graduating University
  • 04:21 : A change in work ethic?
  • 08:35 : The difference in struggle between Millennials and other generations
  • 13:13 : On being fired
  • 14:52 : Manifesting a better job?
  • 15:35 : Is higher education worth it?
  • 20:32 : Work family, is that a thing?
  • 29:05 : Does the job really require 10 years experience 
  • 37:44 : What have you learned about yourself through your years of working

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