Episode 82: Learning to let go (unedited)
Episode 82: Learning to let go (unedited)

Episode 82: Learning to let go (unedited)

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Guys! We’re in the season of trying shit and if it works it works and if it doesn’t well … there’s a lesson!

In the spirit of trying to get out of my comfort zone a bit, this podcast episode is COMPLETELY UNEDITED !! This is the first time I’ve ever released an episode without any form of edits. This is in service of two things:

  1. giving you a little glimpse of what the “behind the scenes” sounds like (which is kinda hilarious now because I made maybe WAAAAAY less than my usual number of mistakes)
  2. is helping to get me more comfortable with imperfect content. In these podcast episodes with Olivier Roland, he challenged us to get “comfortable with imperfect content” and since then I’ve been working on my comfort level when things are not as I would want them. This is also the vibe I’m taking towards TikTok content so follow us there too!

In this episode I chat about why we need to let things go and how we can take some baby steps to make it happen. Letting go might very well be the key to unlocking your highest self – don’t let the hard work stop you from becoming a better being. Listen ’til the end where I breakdown 5 ways we can start to make shifts in our ives that will lead us to letting go.


  • 04:40 : Here’s what’s stopping you
  • 04:57 – What it means to let go
  • 05:19 : The elephant in the room – fear
  • 05:54 : What living in the past really means
  • 07:23 : Memory vs reality
  • 08:20 : Action vs Talking about action
  • 09:04 : Baby steps to letting go
  • 14:20 : How to live your best life yet

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