Episode 81: Are you a bystander or the main character?

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Are you living in your head?

It’s a pretty big question and we might not know what it really means. In this podcast episode we talk about how stress, trauma, and avoidance lead to dissociation and how this affects how we show up in our own lives. We all daydream and fantasize, but when does it become too much?

As we continue to feel more powerless in our lives, there might be a tendency to live on our heads more because that’s where we can exercise some control. This might look like more intense dreams or more vivid daydreaming. I chat about some of my own experiences with “living in my head” and how we can be more conscious, more present and at peace with what we can and cannot control.


  • 03:50 : Pretty scary – has this ever happened to you?
  • 05:54 : Do you have a dream that felt real, like really real?
  • 08:24 : This is why we live in our heads
  • 09:25 : Are we living in our heads a little too much?
  • 10:25 : Are you a bystander or the main character?
  • 12:48 : Resources to be more present in your life

PLEASE NOTE: This is the first episode we will be testing transcription for, see it here


How to stop living in your head

Resources mentioned:



  • Take a peek at the book “The Years I Lived Inside”
  • Buy our 90’s inspired “Life Journal”

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