Episode 79: Play your cards right, part 2 with Olivier Roland

This podcast episode is exactly what you need to level up. Olivier shares how we can work towards freedom, with or without being an entrepreneur. In this second episode of the two-part series you’ll hear how to leverage your life, your content, and your happiness.

What would freedom look like for you? It may or may not lie in entrepreneurship; because there are entrepreneurs who are unable to access rest because they don’t have a business that is in service of their lives. Adopting the mindset Olivier suggests will allow us all to unlock a new level.


  • 00:01 : How to double your influence and develop a clone online that works for you…for free
  • 04:24 : “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed”
  • 08:22 : Greatest lesson in business 
  • 11:22 : Why we need to question the education system
  • 17:20 : The concrete slippers trap
  • 24:35 : “Money is just a way of saving time” 
  • 28:15 : Commitment to life-long learning
  • 31:20 : You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to achieve “ultimate freedom” and why many entrepreneurs don’t find freedom

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