Episode 78: Play your cards right, part 1 with Olivier Roland

I probably say this all the time but it’s usually true: this podcast episode will change your life. In part one of this two-part series Olivier Roland provides the blueprint for what it means to be an intelligent rebel and how to play your cards right to achieve success. In this episode he also shares why he doesn’t want to be a billionaire and what success beyond wealth looks like.

Listen to episode 78 and learn how to play your cards right. Share it with a friend, leave a comment and remember to stay tuned for part 2.


  • 02:35 : Who is an intelligent rebel
  • 05:28 : How to bridge the gap from idea to reality
  • 08:12 : Why complaining is important
  • 10:25 : The major key to success in business
  • 10:56 : The ikigai
  • 14:30 : Why Olivier does not want to be a billionaire
  • 18:43 : Olivier’s take on”Billionaires shouldn’t exist”
  • 21:26 : Let’s talk retirement
  • 25:00 : More effective ways to make money […because your salary probably won’t make you rich]

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