Episode 77: Coming back home to yourself
Episode 77: Coming back home to yourself

Episode 77: Coming back home to yourself

Have you ever felt displaced? Almost like you were having an out of body experience – watching your life as it happens, but not quite feeling a part of it. Regardless of how successful we are, and all the things we have accomplished we will have moments where we second-guess ourselves and our abilities and may even have identity crises. It’s possible to have identity crises until we’re well into our 50’s.

You may be saying you could never be having an identity crisis at your ripe age. Well, I thought so too – until I had a full-on breakdown one night. In this episode (adapted from a talk I did at a Mental Wellness summit recently) I go into the mechanics of self; why we may have a few identity crises during adulthood; how we can continuously tend to the garden of our minds; and what coming back home to self looks like.

Here are the topics covered:

  • Who are you?
  • Nine ways to IMAGINING a new you:
    • Identity capital
    • Map your path
    • Actualize you entrepreneur instinct
    • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
    • Identify the “I” and the “me”
    • Nothing is wrong with your “now”
    • Increase rest
    • Never stop learning

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