Episode 76: Nurturing self, baby, and your relationship

If you have kids, are thinking about having kids or even babysitting kids this episode is for you. Catherine O’Brien is a Marriage and Family Therapist, a parent and the author of “Happy With Baby: Essential Relationship Advice When Partners Become Parents”. Regardless of where you are on your parenting journey you have to hear her invaluable tips on raising ourselves, and children in a changing world.

There were so many gems in this episode (even for those of us who are not planning to have kids). We spoke the small things that add up to self-care, how to ask for help, how to manage the help we get and so much more.


  • 02:44 : “I don’t have time for myself”
  • 03:78 : Ask yourself these three questions
  • 05:48 : The double-standard
  • 08:48 : “What works for your neighbour, might not work for you”
  • 10:30 : “Put yourself on the list”
  • 11:58 : Postpartum mood/anxiety disorder is the #1 complication of child birth
  • 16:47 : Develop a postpartum plan (both for the birthing and non-birthing parent)
  • 19:02 : Sleep hack for new parents
  • 20:30 : “it’s not the quantity of time, it’s about the quality of time”
  • 23:29 : Your identity outside of “parent” and be careful of “my children are my world”
  • 28:09 : Defining (and finding time for) self-care
  • 30:17 : Three biggest lessons learned as a parent
  • 31:23 : How do we ask for help?
  • 32:36 : This is when you should avoid text or email 
  • 35:35 : Parting advice to parents and guardians

For context, this episode was recorded during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2021

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