Episode 75: So, I wrote a book

At the back of my mind I had always wanted to be an author. People would tell me that I am good at writing and I should write a book. But as someone who is daunted by the process of anything that takes longer than a few days – I didn’t see how I would ever write a book. During a chunk of the Coronavirus pandemic – I rediscovered my love for poetry and writing poems kept me sane. This poetry collection is a product of me trying to make sense of the world when nothing made sense.

While I am ecstatic about this – can you believe I have a book?! That people can actually purchase – I was also going through some rough spots with handling grief and anxiety around the time the final edit came out. In this podcast episode I am really honest (maybe too honest?) about how anxiety and grief can dull the flame of a lifelong dream; how I have been reclaiming joy; and you will definitely see a glimpse of how imposter syndrome affects us all.

The book has not officially been launched yet but look out for launch info !


  • 01:43 : Preamble: Being real for a second
  • 05:50 : A few words on to-do lists and why you need to give yourself grace
  • 07:53 : Take a nap
  • 10:41 : “Out of the comfort zone”
  • 12:52 : I am a published author!
  • 17:40 : It’s not launched yet, so why am I talking about it?
  • 22:37 : The takeaway?

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