Episode 74: Books, Branding, and Building a passion-filled life with Cindy Allman

If you’ve read this blog post, then you’d already know some of the benefits of reading. Like:

  • reading improves brain function
  • reading can help protect memory and thinking skills, especially with age
  • reading every day can slow down late-life cognitive decline, keeping brains healthier and higher functioning for longer
  • reading can make you live longer as it improves overall mental flexibility

So, this is your sign to pick up a book 🙃. In this podcast episode I chat with, Cindy Allman – the brain behind the @BookofCinz. I have been pretty obsessed with her content on Instagram and she is partially responsible for rekindling my love for reading (and for me reading over 50 books in 2020!). She started the BookofCinz platform to encourage people to Read, read More, read Widely, and Read Caribbean. And if you’ve ever seen the #ReadCaribbean tag on social, she’s responsible for that too!

In this half an hour chat we discuss her love for reading; how she reads over 100 books each year 😧; entrepreneurship; confidence and authenticity on social media; and defining success. Listen to this episode and share it with a friend 💕


  • 03:09 : The journey
  • 04:09 : The vision
  • 05:56 : The story behind #ReadCaribbean
  • 07:46 : The secret to reading 100 books every year
  • 10:38 : A bookstagrammer’s favourite genre
  • 11:47 : The transition – moving to another country
  • 14:29 : Life as a freelancer
  • 15:56 : Travel the world? While working?
  • 19:21 : What does “down time” look like?
  • 20:23 : Featured in multiple publications, including Oprah Magazine – what are you most proud of
  • 22:20 : What does self-care look like for you?
  • 23:02 : How would you define being a grownup?
  • 24:59 : How would you define success?
  • 25:29 : A word on confidence and the pressure to keep “showing up”
  • 27:30 : What are you currently doing to be a better version of you?

BONUS FEATURE: Curious what reading over 100 books looks like?

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