Episode 67: This is your next chance with Brittany Wagner
Episode 67: This is your next chance with Brittany Wagner

Episode 67: This is your next chance with Brittany Wagner

Comparison is the false advertisement where we compare another’s best to our worst. Not only is it unfair, it’s also inaccurate… When we compare ourselves to others we choose to believe something other than reality

-Brittany Wagner, author “Next Chance You”

Okay, okay…I know I say this a lot but you HAVE TO listen to this episode. In this chat Brittany Wagner speaks about all the ways we can go beyond our fears and boldly step into our next chance.

Have you ever felt like you don’t deserve or might not get a second chance? In this podcast episode Brittany tells us why this is totally inaccurate and how we can use the fuel from our fears to re-focus our paths. This episode is one I will have on repeat for a while. Wherever you are on your journey, you need to hear this.

Brittany Wagner is best known for her role in the hit Netflix documentary series, Last Chance U. She is a nationally respected athletic academic counsellor with more than fifteen years of experience, she is a mentor, mother, author, entrepreneur, role model. She isalso a professor of sport management and sport ethics at the University of Montevallo and a motivational speaker. 


  • 03:49 : Self-help vs help for others
  • 05:43 : What was the experience like being part of a Netflix docu-series?
  • 08:46 : There’s always a next chance
  • 14:45 : How do we prioritize our responsibilities?
  • 20:11 : Face the deficiency
  • 23:47 : “Comparison is a false advertisement…”
  • 26:28 : Do you have social media usage limits?
  • 28:24 : “Where are your feet”?
  • 31:10 : A discussion n imposter syndrome
  • 34:25 : The only difference between fear and excitement is what we choose to focus on
  • 37:22 : Two biggest lessons after a 15-year career and 10 no’s

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