Episode 66: You are limitless: how time can derail our goals

Does it feel like you’re losing the enthusiasm to celebrate your birthday, the older you get? After a conversation with my father about his birthday, I kinda realized that I have really been dialling back on birthday celebrations. Looking back at it, it’s mostly because I got too lazy to plan things, and “celebration” started to take on a different meaning for me.

But, if we aren’t careful this can become a slippery slope. Society has given us the directive to create all these timelines for ourselves, and when we miss certain goals by a certain time we can get defeated – and believe “there’s nothing to celebrate”. There are no time limits on your goals. It may get a little more challenging but it’s still within your reach.

In this podcast episode, you’re being challenged to redefine retirement, stop to really think about what “too old” even means and encouraged to highlight the joys og aging. Our one job is to continue working on becoming better versions of ourselves.


  • 01:16 : The conversation that led to this episode
  • 04:27 : Are you losing interest in celebrating birthdays? 
  • 05:12 : Sometimes we say we want to accomplish things before we’re “too old”, but who determines what “too old” is?
  • 07:55 : Redefining “retirement”
  • 10:10 : Women and anti-aging
  • 12:18 : “Making space for others does not mean there’s no space for you”
  • 13:28 : This is the biggest lie we can tell ourselves
  • 14:28 : Identifying the joys of aging
  • 16:02 : Take some time to reflect

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