Episode 65: Is it laziness or just burnout?
Episode 65: Is it laziness or just burnout?

Episode 65: Is it laziness or just burnout?

You’re probably not getting enough rest and there will be long-term effects. In this pretty vulnerable solocast I talk about all the ways I ignored burnout and its prolonged consequences. As Millennials, and generally as people just trying to make it in this trying world, we generally take for granted how much rest we need. Let’s stop doing that!

We all have so pretty big goals and maybe even some pretty tight timelines. We’re living in a world where time is money and the moment you’re not working – you’re either losing money or some other measure of value. It’s tough to recognize and acknowledge burnout because of how we’ve been conditioned to think.

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  • 01:00 : Motivation behind this episode
  • 02:30 : The first article : 5 ways to know if you’re burnt out
  • 03:08 : Defining laziness
    • 05:00 : The difference between laziness and procrastinating
    • 05:42 : How do you know if you’re burnt out
  • 07:50 : How do discover that we’re burnt out
  • 13:06 : Why acknowledging burnout is so hard for entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • 15:10 : The role of social media and social interaction in burnout
  • 21:34 : The second article : How to tell if you’re burnt out or just lazy
  • 23:51 : Parenting and burnout
  • 26:13 : The third article : Signs you’re burnt out

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