Episode 64: Meditation and radical self-care with Saskia Seeling
Episode 64: Meditation and radical self-care with Saskia Seeling

Episode 64: Meditation and radical self-care with Saskia Seeling

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfae

– audre lorde

This quote has single-handedly revolutionized how I think about self-care and it has also influenced the (consistent) conversations on self-care in this space. As I was thinking about how to have a more fulsome discussion about self-care and meditation, Saskia sent me an email! This was clearly meant to be.

 BONUS: 5-minute guided meditation and breath-work practice at 32:14

Saskia Seeling is an empowerment and meditation coach for millennial women. She is a trained yoga and meditation teacher and a life coach, who helps overwhelmed women to create their dream life (from a place of radical self-love). Her uses her own journey from burnt-out banking supervisor to thriving yoga teacher as the stepping stone for helping women prioritize their personal well-being, say “no” to what is not serving them, and say “yes” to what they truly want from life.

While Saskia primarily works with women, the magic from this episode will help everyone – across all genders, talents, and interests.


05:28 : How do you define wellness
06:34 : If you had to choose, would you choose health or wealth?
07:42 : How do we find ourselves in the noise from the rest of the world
09:02 : “It’s human being, not human do-ing”
09:59 : What does it really look like to be ourselves
12:21 : The transformative power of taking care of ourselves
13:15 : You deserve rest
15:05 : “We think we’re so unique in our suffering, but at the end of the day we are so much more similar”
15:47 : The journey from “people pleaser” to living your own destiny
20:32 : What’s one thing you’ve stopped doing to preserve your wellbeing?
24:18 : Where does radical empowerment begin?
27:10 : The real-life benefits of meditation
32:14 : Saskia leads us through a 5-minute breath work and meditation practice 
41:26 : What are you currently doing to be a better version of you?

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✨ Remember Saskia’s tips on how meditation can improve your sleep and ultimately your life. Share with a friend and leave a comment to let us know your biggest takeaway.

Disclaimer: For context this interview was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020/1

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