Episode 59: Can money buy happiness? with Aaron Nannini
Episode 59: Can money buy happiness? with Aaron Nannini

Episode 59: Can money buy happiness? with Aaron Nannini

In this discussion with Aaron Nannini, author of Cash Uncomplicated: A New Mindset for Building Wealth, we explore how you can align your life journey with your money journey and redefining wealth as something beyond the financial. We’ve heard this question more than once before: “can money buy happiness”? Listen to the episode to hear Aaron’s take. 

Aaron Nannini is the founder of CashUncomplicated.com, a personal finance website. After struggling with money in his twenties he started educating himself on personal finance. He went from barely getting by each month to complete financial clarity and harmony—all in less than five years. When he’s not writing about personal finance, Aaron loves spending time with his wife, two daughters, and German Shepherd.


  • 02:20 : Saving isn’t a lost art, automate your savings!
  • 03:31 : You should do this before investing
  • 05:44 : Where is our money going?
  • 07:20 : First step in recovering from “money problems” is being intentional
  • 09:51 : What is financial clarity?
  • 12:18 : Shifting your mindset doesn’t mean you’ll get rich overnight
  • 13:25 : Can money buy happiness?
  • 17:02 : Retirement is just part of the continuum
  • 19:06 : The difference between frugal and cheap
  • 21:04 : What does it look like to pay yourself first
  • 23:44 : Building wealth is not about struggle or deprivation 
  • 24:48 : How do we know we have the right idea?
  • 26:20 : “Live for the day”
  • 28:32 : A final word on value-based spending
  • 29:31 : This is what Aaron is doing to level up

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