Episode 58: How to thrive in any situation with Kenishia Mais

This podcast episode is one you will revisit as you go through the seasons of life. Kenishia, Personal Financial Strategist and CEO of ThrivingDollars, dropped so many gems about her entrepreneurship journey and how believing she was meant for more got her through the hard times. 

In this episode, you will hear how betting on yourself and having a solid mentor can change the course of your life. Hear how Kenishia went from broke to CEO.


  • 05:19 – Three financial mistakes that shaped your relationship with money
  • 06:40 – A lesson on Jamaican credit card interest rates
  • 07:44 – Create healthy money boundaries
  • 12:03 – Should we still be saving?
  • 12:41 – Kenishia shares some strategies that will help lay the foundation for wealth
  • 14:56 – Think about this before investing
  • 17:50 – Money is 80% mindset
  • 18:09 – Identify your “trauma responses” to money
  • 22:22 – Are you suffering from “i-deserve-it-itis” ?
  • 26:38 – The journey to more
  • 41:34 – Biggest lesson so far
  • 44:22 – “I’m built different”
  • 45:18 – The importance of a mentor

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