Episode 52: When did you realize you’re Black with Deborah Buchanan-Walford

Every moment we experience is another page in the history of our lives. In this conversation, we confront consciousness, identity and belonging, while discussing where we find ourselves in the expanse of Black history. 

Deborah Buchanan-Walford is a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an author, a playwright…and one of my closest friends. In this 40-minute chat she peels back layers of “the Black identity”, and shares when she first realized her Blackness. 


  • 03:06 – When did you realize you’re Black
  • 07:37 -The evolution of Black History Month celebrations
  • 11:00 – [the lack of] Black history in schools
  • 13:27 – The self-education of Black history
  • 14:51 – The invisible [and visible] burdens
  • 19:07 – Finding community in isolation
  • 21:13 – “It has been a supreme burden”
  • 24: 32 – Changing the narrative [includes an affirmation]

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