Episode 48: Loving yourself through it all with Melise

We talk about self-love, body positivity and healing a lot, but what do they really mean. What do they actually look like? In this conversation with Melise, founder of Healthy Girl Haven, we discuss what living well looks like and how we can actualize our full potential in all areas of life. 

Would things be different if you chose to love yourself through it all?


  • 03:30 – Defining body positivity
  • 04:18 – What does self love look like
  • 05:46 – Why are we afraid of stepping on the scale
  • 07:15 – Defining beauty
  • 07:54 – What has your own self-love journey looked like
  • 12:36 – Friendship, self-love and growing up
  • 14:05 – The Diderot effect, and the impact of “more”
  • 17:18 – What does wellness look like for you
  • 19:46 – Your work does not equal your worth
  • 22:29 – Why this misconception about Millennials is annoying AF
  • 23:09 – intergenerational ideas about work
  • 23:48 – How do we start living at our full potential

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