Episode 45: You need a break with John Fitch and Max Frenzel

You have never heard a discussion on rest, productivity and reimagining work quite like this one. This interview will probably blow your mind !! Max Frenzel and John Fitch are the authors of “Time Off: a practical guide to building your rest ethic and finding success without the stress. In their book and in this interview series (this is part 1 of 2) they discuss how critical it is for us to prioritize rest. Bookmark the episode, and share it with a friend because this is one you’ll definitely have on repeat.


  • 06:45 – Simple ways to take time off
  • 11:10 – The importance of rest ethic
  • 14:16 – What is time off
  • 15:45 – What percentage of the creative process is active work
  • 17:46 – How is overwork stifling us (an alternative view of artificial intelligence and the future of work)
  • 19:14 – How rest can make you a better leader
  • 20:15 – How our relationship to work has changed
  • 23:05 – Rethinking work and productivity
  • 25:10 – Why are we addicted to overwork
  • 27:35 – Factory work vs Knowledge work
  • 28:27 – How is hard work different from work ethic (and a word on “distraction economy”)

For context this episode was recorded during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020/1

p.s.: John’s doggie came by for a little visit (so you’ll hear a little doggie whining)

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