Episode 43: The Power of Storytelling with Lynne Golodner

JUST A LITTLE NOTE: The original audio file got corrupted somehow and so we used the backup file (which was of slightly poorer quality), and then towards the end a few birds attacked the whole operation lol. Apologies for a less than perfect listening experience.

At the core of our being, are our stories and we could argue that our sole purpose on the earth is to share stories. If we look at life this way, then the power of storytelling and the art of storytelling is illuminated as paramount to our existence.

As I was preparing for this chat I was a little concerned that I wasn’t sure of the direction of the questions. I was so consumed with HOW to showcase the power of storytelling to you that I forgot that the essence of storytelling is really just to let the truth flow. This is exactly what happened in this chat. Lynne and I allowed our stories to flow.

I know as a podcast host, or any sort of interviewer, you should limit your verbal agreements but at various points within this recording I couldn’t hold back. I MMH’ed along to almost everything Lynne was saying. When you listen to the episode, you’ll realize why. This is definitely an episode you should have on repeat.

Lynne Golodner is a former journalist, author, entrepreneur, teacher and podcast host with a passion for telling stories of how people find meaning in the mundane. There was nothing mundane about this conversation.


  • 02: 13 – One word to capture the essence of storytelling
  • 04:14 – How this passion for storytelling led Lynne through career shifts
  • 05:44 – What does it look like for us to “make meaning” in our lives
  • 06:45 – “Leave a good legacy for others”
  • 07:05 – How to use storytelling as a tool for personal growth
  • 10:45 – Following your curiosity vs. Finding your passion
  • 12:42 – “We all eat bread !!”
  • 15:50 – Building your brand through storytelling
  • 18:09 – What is the “meaning first perspective”
  • 19:20 – What does it look like to lead a purpose-driven life
  • 22:07 – The meaning of money
  • 23:47 – Why you need a meaning proposition
  • 25:03 – Are Millennials sharing the right stories
  • 28:15 – “Who am I in the internet” from Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino
  • 32:24 – “Be who you are and interact with what is real”

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For context: this conversation was recorded during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020/1.

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