Episode 23: Change your habits, save the Earth with Adriana Banda Dias

Human activity has caused and is continuing to cause irreparable damage to the planet we know as home. Unsustainable man-made events are changing life as we know it, and scientists are continuously trying to predict what our future might look like when ice caps are melting (and can “awaken” diseases), when we’re losing trees, animals, water … life.

Environmental awareness and activism is one of the things Millennials have been lauded for over previous generations. Our passion for the environment though, in recent times may have been overshadowed by capitalism.

This is such a necessary and informative conversation with Adriana Banda Dias, an environmental activist I started following a little while ago on Instagram. Adriana talks about her own moment of “awakening” – when she became aware of the state of the Earth and how she has been making changes to help combat the climate crisis.

We spoke about:

  • Green-washing
  • How over-consumption compounds the climate crisis
  • The dangers of the fast fashion industry
  • Some activities we might think are helping the cause but are actually harming the environment
  • How changing your diet can help
  • What do vegans even eat

The conversation also featured our first ever “Rapid 5” segment. Listen and let’s continue the conversation (and action) towards a sustainable Earth.

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