Creating a wealth of experience through travel: #fauxFrance
Creating a wealth of experience through travel: #fauxFrance

Creating a wealth of experience through travel: #fauxFrance

One day I was sitting at my desk and I got a text from a friend. Not just any friend, someone I have been friends with since prep school. She was texting to ask if I was interested in going on a girls’ trip.

Said yes before I even knew any details. We were going to #fauxFrance. 

So, where is #fauxFrance 😕

Old Quebec City is basically France, if you want to a France-like experience without dishing out the big bucks this would be a great spot for you. 

I had been studying a bit of French and she had not too long returned from France so we were determined to speak to the locals In French. I had also taken the time to practice : “My French is weak, do you speak English?”

We booked the most charming hotel, perched on one of the steepest roads I have ever had to walk up and down everyday (some good glute work) … in the early winter frost. Luckily we didn’t spill and roll down the hill like bowling balls, but every time we ventured outside we imagined it. 


Visiting Old Quebec City in early November felt like we were pressing PAUSE on our lives. It felt like we were transported to this place of serenity (even when it snowed and rained, and whatever it did in between). The city didn’t need the sun to come alive (like other places in the Caribbean that I’m used to), and everyday I toyed with doing something like piercing my nose or getting a tattoo because the whole thing felt so perfect…too perfect. 

Our first night we braved sleet to go to a very chic, but very tiny restaurant. No vacation ever started well without wine, so with wine In our tummies and a little gourmet food to help it go down easy, we began our blissful 4 days in #FauxFrance.

It’s always about the food! 😍

The next morning we were met with snow as we went to meet up with our food tour group. While the weather wasn’t very welcoming the food was AH-MA-ZING. It was a walking food tour so we also got to see some really cool sites and hear a bit about the history of the city. 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’ve never had poutine until you’ve had it In Old Quebec City. This was the only time I had poutine and actually liked it. We were also introduced to squeaky cheese and told how its stored – just on the counter and is ordered fresh everyday. 

As we trekked through the streets, on our way to our next meal we talked with people who had come from as far as Norway!

We also ate some of the best croissants ever at a bakery just a stone’s throw from our hotel. They were so good, we decided to head back there for breakfast on our final day. Food. Wine. A great friend … and lazy days in an idyllic location (even in early winter) was the perfect remedy for reprogramming, recharging and resetting. 

The whole point of this series is to encourage you to explore the places that are just under your nose. There are invaluable experiences too in going to the cities that may not make it to the Instagram travel bucket list. 

So go to #fauxFrance and and get your [almost] France on!  Check out this podcast episode for money-saving travel tips:

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