Alternative investment options
Alternative investment options

Alternative investment options


You have some money sitting in your bank account, it may not be very much but leaving it to just sit there … well, that isn’t a very good idea. Why just sit and watch the money sitting in your account, you can invest it and watch it grow instead. Many people will opt for conventional methods like savings, property investments, and so forth.

However, before you make any investment decisions, you should consider more than just the usual scope of possibilities. Depending on your preferred risk level, the following alternative investment ideas can help increase your net worth over a medium to long-term basis:

Peer-to-peer lending

Have you ever considered peer lending? In a nutshell, you act as a lender to one or more borrowers (usually friends or someone you know quite closely). They agree to repay their loan back to you over a period, along with interest. It’s a concept as old as time, and it has proven extremely popular with both borrowers and lenders alike. You can invest any amount of money for peer-to-peer lending, plus you can choose your risk level. Be sure to set things up so that the funds are secure and the borrower/s and lender both understand the terms.


You’ve seen those ads on TV about coins as collector’s items, so you know coins have value. Buying a stock of physical US Dollar coins or ones from other currencies worldwide, can be a good investment opportunity. The market is awash with collectible coins, many of which increase in value steadily over time. You’ll need to do a lot of research on the topic as many factors can affect the value of a coin, such as age, condition, and scarcity.


You might not know that many vintage wines appreciate in value. Take a look at this page over at Vinfolio to learn of a few examples worthy of your investment.There are a few ways that you can invest in vintage wine. For example, you could purchase a selection and store them in a wine cellar at your home. Or, you could invest with other people on a more extensive selection held centrally by a third party.

Believe it or not, few people are aware that investing in wine is even a “thing,” so it could be an exciting way to make your money grow.


There’s no denying that cryptocurrency is changing the way everyone thinks about money. More people are taking an active interest in this decentralized method of sending, receiving, and storing currency. These days, there are scores of different cryptocurrencies available. Many promise the same high returns on investments as with early cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. For example, if you were interested in Cardano trading, you’ll discover it has risen in value in recent months.

Before you invest in a cryptocurrency, ensure you conduct plenty of research. That way, you can significantly mitigate any losses by selecting only valuable cryptocurrencies.

Start a Business

Lastly, if you’ve got a considerable sum of money to invest – start a business! We know this is an option that we’ve heard a million times before, but this might be the sign you were looking for. If you spot a great idea and believe it will work, investing in it could net you a tidy profit.

Note that you’ll have to wait until those startups offer a public stock offering before you can get a return on your investment.

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