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This website is much more than a few links online. It is a space that provides personal development resources for grownups. When you’re a child, all you think about is becoming an adult…but nobody tells you that it’s for the rest of your life. We never stop growing up, so this space will grow with you.

Through this blog and podcast we are sharing stories, starting conversation and creating community. The Grownup Millennial is a platform for holistic personal growth. The three main themes that pretty much define our lives are: health, wealth and relationships. So, all the content is curated based on themes. There’s also a General category for all the stuff we couldn’t fit into those themes 😊.


Nicolette Richardson is the Chief Conversation Starter at The Grownup Millennial.

She is a firm believer in the power of communication – specifically the power of storytelling. The former journalist and human rights advocate has carved out a space on the internet for grownups to share stories, speak their truth, and learn from our mistakes.


  1. She is Jamaican
  2. She learned to “really” ride a bicycle at 29 😩
  3. She has a background in social justice and media and communication

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